Works in the Herald 1931

With the present increased rate of exchange, people who are deriving fixed incomes from abroad are placed in the enviable position of receiving thirty per cent. more in Australian currency than is actually paid in England.

I knew a poor remittance man,
    A decent chap, but fuuny,
In days when my ideas began
   To be controlled by money
He wore a swank, patrician air;
But, oh, his life was filled with care,
For he had seldom cash to spare;
   His mien was far from sunny.

I fear I was a snobbish youth Who led a prig's existence. I snubbed the chap, to tell the truth, And kept him at a distance. His clothes, well cut, were often worn Threadbare. Tho' he was gently born His friendship I refused with scorn Despite his soft insistence.
But now the whirligig of time Sees fit to elevate him. While, lo, the money that was mine Is shrinking, seriatim; And faced by serious mishap. While he reclines in Fortune's lap. I'd like to find the dear old chap I'd want to cultivate him.

Herald, 29 January 1931, p6

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