Works in the Herald 1931

In the Senate yesterday an Honorable Senator, after referring to the Treasurer as a hi-jacker, a four-flusher, and a Tammany boss, proceeded to tell the Assistant Minister for Works that "if he protruded his jaw into the fight he would stop one, too."

Lawblimey!  I missed me vercation!
   I've tumbled - too late for the bus -
That the makin' of laws is for fellers wot jaws,
   Like me, with the picturesque cuss.
In me youth I'd an innercent notion
   I'd flop in this law-givin' trade,
An' I've wasted me youth in 'ard yakka - ah, strooth!
   When I 'ad all the gifts ready-made.

'Ere's me with a mouthful of phrases I gathered in by-ways an' lanes; An' I've wasted 'em all thro' ignorin' the call To a game w'ich I thort needed brains. Too modest, that's me. Too retirin': To blind to me own blinkin' worth, When today I might at the top of the tree Pickin' plums in a Senator's berth.
An' yet - I dunno. Things is ordered, An' blokes sorter drifts to a lurk That is best for their bent. An' if that means content, Well, I ain't got no quarrel with work. An' when I git thinkin' of statecraft, Its schemes an' its shams an' its shifts, 'Tisn't much of a game in the end. All the same, It's a pity I've wasted me gifts!

"The Sentimental Bloke"
Herald, 21 November 1931, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003