Works in the Herald 1931

Mr. Ward's maiden speech in the House was a scathing attack on the Government and the Opposition. He declared that both had lost the confidence of the people. - Political Report.

A man without a party, he
   Knows nought of obligation
To any friend; but, fancy free.
   He represents the nation.
In lonely majesty he sits
To give the Opposition fits,
Or rend the Government to bits
   With fierce vituperation.

Of all he is most wise, most free, Most pure, and - inter alia - Shorn of responsibility, He speaks for all Australia. Tho' parties rise or parties fall, What cares he? He's "Agin 'em all." Sole patriot, clad, at Freedom's call, In Liberty's regalia.
All, saving him, are out of tune When the lone wolf is howling. He lifts his head and bays the moon With fierce, but futile growling. And, tho' the Opposition squirms And Ministers would sue for terms, He knows them all for loathy worms, Despite the Speaker's scowling.
At Canberra he's as free as air - So say the press recorders. He knows no man as master there Within its sylvan borders. And so, tho' members fret and frown, He scarcely ever need sit down - Except to write to Sydney town To Mister Lang, for orders.

Herald, 14 March 1931, p6

This is number 11 in Dennis's Political Personalities series.
The "Lone Wolf" referred to above is E.J. (Eddie) Ward who was Minister for Labor and National Service in the Curtin Government.

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