Works in the Herald 1931
Hoping you will not deem it rude,
I'd like to call an interlude
   In our remarkable array
   Of leading statesmen of the day,
And introduce to you forthwith
That great economist, Ksmith.

Not, as you might suppose, a myth, But very real is Ksmith; For daily, in the morning train, I'm privileged to gauge his brain. One glance inside his morning sheet, And he has grasped it all complete.
He lays it down; and then, in wrath, To patient travellers he holds forth. No question that the times involve, No problem is there he can't solve. One moment's thought, and, quick as light, Ksmith can put the country right.
Surely a statesman's wasted here; And I suggest, in nervous fear, That we might move to elevate Ksmith on high to guide the State; Then we'd be saved. And I might see Less of Ksmith. That would suit me.

Herald, 10 March 1931, p8

This is number 9 in Dennis's Political Personalities series.

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002