Works in the Herald 1931
I think a great deal too much fuss
Has been aroused 'mid all of us
   About this crude economist John T.
And fellows of his kidney now,
'Mid people up in Sydney now,
   Are slipping in that city of the free.

He wooed them with high promises And, 'spite the doubting Thomases, Cupidity had urged them on to trust - Political cupidity, Which, plus a strange stupidity, Had lured them to a scheme of "boom and bust."
John T. has perspicacity; He has a vast capacity For measuring his moron passing well. Tho' men of seniority, When they're in a majority They'll send him into office for a spell.
But even morons think a while When trembling on the brink a while Of chaos, and they've lately come to see, Subtracting his aggressiveness And picturesque expressiveness. There's noting much remaining of John T.

Herald, 25 February 1931, p6

This is number 6 in Dennis's Political Personalities series.
The "John T" referred to above is John T (Jack) Lang, who was Premier and Treasurer in the New South Wales state parliament in 1925-27 and in 1930-32 as a member of the Australian Labor Party.

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