Works in the Herald 1931
Since Stanley felt the icy blast
   Jack leads the Opposition.
A mild, scholastic man to cast
   For such a tough position.
Fit for some rude iconoclast
   Or thick-skinned politician.

His academic mind e'er seeks Direct appeals to reason; He thinks a deal before he speaks, And ever speaks in season. Quibbling, to him, with folly reeks, And sophistry is treason.
All sentiment he safely locks Within; and jokes unnerve him; No soap or any other box As pedestal would serve him. He'd analyse a paradox; And jibes can never swerve him.
A poor equipment, this, you'd say, To meet the hurly-burly. Where votes are wheedled in a way Both devious and curly. We may grow up to Jack some day. He's sound, but somewhat early.

Herald, 12 March 1931, p6

This is number 5 in Dennis's Political Personalities series.
The "Jack" referred to above is John (Jack) Latham, one time Leader of the Opposition and later Chief Justice of Australia.

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