Works in the Herald 1931

While the consensus of opinion amongst the leading State politicians is that Canberra has been an enormous and a needless expense, it is generally agreed that its abandonment now would be neither desirable nor economical unless some other use can be found for the city.

Who wants a nice white elephant,
   Quite fit in wind and limb?
An ornament for any gent
   Who can find use for him.
It won't pay us to kill the cuss;
   But we can't afford his keep.
Who wants a nice white elephant?
   We'll sell or lease him cheap.

Who wants a nice white elephant? He'd make a lovely pet. In rich, fat days we loved his way, But in these times of fret He's sort of grown too big for us To fondle, groom and feed. Who wants a fine white elephant Of most exclusive breed?
Who wants a nice white elephant? Of noble lineage he. His breed is by State Jealousy Out of Prosperity. The rich years thro' he grew and grew, And, ah, we loved him so. But we can't afford his bed and board, And we'd like to let him go.
Who'll buy a nice white elephant? No decent bid refused. We love him yet, altho' our pet Has often been abused. But come on, gents, walk up, walk up. Our funds, alas, are scant. Altho' we once were sold a pup Who'll buy an elephant?

Herald, 23 January 1931, p6

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