Works in the Herald 1931

The news is published today that an eighty-ounce nugget has been discovered on an alluvial field in Kalgoorlie. This recalls the happy days when Australia was a land of gold and hope.

When we went singing down the road,
In days when want was not a goad,
   Dull care behind us flinging,
No step we stayed, no joy we missed,
To hearken to the pessimist,
   But gaily went on singing.

We'd faith in this great country then; We'd hope in her great, stalwart men, Who built a worthy nation. Hope? Hope was ever in our hearts, For we seemed cast for Builders' parts - And there was our salvation.
But what has changed our outlook now? With weary eyes and furrowed brow The uphill road we're facing. But why? This land is still aflame With promise of great hope and fame. Must age be youth disgracing?
Oh, let's go singing up the road, Although we bear a heavy load. What good is grieving bringing? Still, just beneath this happy ground Is wondrous fortune to be found. So let us go on singing.

Herald, 10 January 1931, p6

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