Works in the Herald 1931

Believing himself near death, Henry Isaac Williams, an old bush pensioner, slipped unobserved from, Murwillumbah hospital on Wednesday night and went into the bush to die. ďI want to get it over out there,Ē he had said. ďI donít want to die in a house.Ē

When I set out for the West (said he)
   On my last big tramp alone,
I could start the journey best (said he)
   From the land I call my own.
For I want the skies and the friendly trees
   And the bush-bound tracks I know,
And I want the bush birdsí melodies
   To cheer me as I go.

For thereís none to point the way (said he) When a soul sets forth to range; And a soul might drift astray (said he) In a city grim and strange. For Iíd head me east or head me west, And Iíd veer, and double back; But in the land I know the best Iíd head straight up the track.
So set me free in the bush (said he) Where the way is plain and straight; And Iíll need no urging push (said he) Nor halt, nor hesitate. But where the golden sun-shafts fall Throí fretted shades Iíll roam Till I hear the old gatekeeperís call, Then Iíll know that Iíve come home.

Herald, 17 November 1931, p7

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