Works in the Herald 1931

The prosperous campaign is rapidly going forward in this State, and evidences of better times ahead are becoming daily more apparent.

Depression comes, depression goes,
And why and wherefor goodness knows,
For frankly I'm not one of those,
   To say how such things started.
But still the old world muddles on,
And, even when depression's gone,
We all are apt to dwell upon
   Old worries now departed.

So now's the time to spend a bit, To lend a bit, or send a bit; To help some needy friend a bit To rehabilitation. And you and I, and all of us, Including great and small of us, To waken to the call of us To rally to the nation.
We still are apt to sigh a bit, But now's the time to try a bit To loose the purse, and buy a bit; Glom lingers lest we beat it. Past days of grim severity Have dulled our old temerity, But near us looms prosperity; So let's go out and greet it.

Herald, 27 November 1931, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003