Works in the Herald 1931

According to a beauty hint, published today, daily massage will prevent a woman ageing behind the ears.

You are as young, O lady mine,
   As ere you were in olden days,
Your lips are red, your blue eyes shine,
   And still you have your girlish ways.
I hate to think what years have flown
Since first I praised these things, mine own.

* * *
Your frocks still have that youthful cut, Garbing a svelte form, slim and flat. You should be spreading, darling but Your middle-age has brought no fat. Indeed, you sometimes seem at nights A flapper, seen in certain lights.
My fond eyes have surveyed you, sweet, Thro' all these years and found no fault. Your lustrous hair, your tiny feet Are still perfection. Yet a halt In my high praise wakes sudden fears: You're growing old behind the ears!
* * *
Yet, even then, I'd not repine If that grey matter which should fill That pretty head, O lady mine, Gained age, 'twere compensation still; And I'd forgive the ravening years, If you'd mature above the ears.

Herald, 5 March 1931, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002