Works in the Herald 1931

At Allendale, Victoria, residents have been annoyed because the removal of a wall prevented tramps from camping in a shed on the recreation reserve. They have asked that the wall be rebuilt, and have organised a working bee to cut firewood for wayfarers.

Good for tbe men of Allendale!       
   So do the beacons rise     
That guide men's feet along the way
   Beneath these darkening skies.     
Adversity in Allendale -    
The quiet town of Allendale -
Has awakened men to look again     
   Thro' altruism's eyes.  
The beacon lit in Allendale     
   May yet glow far and wide;     
And quiet places of the land     
   Become a nation's guide.     
And Charity from Allendale -     
The gentle town of Allendale -     
Spread yet afar where'er men are,   
   Till no man be denied.
When ease comes back to Allendale,     
   And golden days return,     
Still may they cleave to those old truths     
   That men in stress re-learn.     
When wealth comes back to Allendale -     
To gentlemen of Allendale -     
May wealth nor ease not harden these;     
   Still may the beacon burn.    

Herald, 26 August 1931 and Advertiser and Register, 29 August 1931, p5

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