Works in the Herald 1931

Beneath all of Mr Scullin's somewhat nebulous schemes for running an amateur banking business is the necessary assumption that the people would be willing to trust their savings to politicians such as himself and Mr Theodore rather than to experienced professional bankers.

I think myself, if given the chance,
   I could run a bank with credit,
For, since I have given this scheme a glance,
   I have thought, the more I need it.
That the task of doing the thing with swank
   Is pie to the veriest noodle.
Could he master the art of running a bank
   That didn't have any boodle.

For the banking art's just common-sense, But I fear one fact might hurt me; And that's sheer lack of confidence If the people didn't trust me. I could print me notes from a paper blank At the rate of ten a minute. But I doubt if they'd hold up a bank Without real money in it.
But I go my way, and I dream my dream, Despite my low position, For I'm capable of a banking scheme As any politician. And tho' you deem my dream may rank With the dreams of the maddest hatter, I need but a plan for running a bank Where money doesn't matter.

Herald, 3 December 1931, p4

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