Works in the Herald 1934

This month ends the appeal, with the object unachieved, of providing 8000 for the Benevolent Hone when it was hoped to build, among other things, a sun room for the use of the old people in winter.

When winter comes 'tis good to sit and dream,
   When summer's quickening heat and joys are done
'Tis well if one should find some kindly beam
   Stealing thro' mists from that once ardent sun.
Dull days hold less of gloom, less of regret,
   And Spring can surely not be far away,
When Winter skies hold out a promise yet
   In one consoling ray.

But when that winter comes that comes at all,
   Life's Winter with no smiling Spring behind,
Surely, whenever kindly sunbeams fall
   These, in the warming rays a place shall find,
While human sympathy still softly gleams,
   And Charity thro' Winter's murk still glows,
Surely a ray shall warm those old, old dreams
   As hopeless Winter goes. 

Herald, 31 March 1930, p6

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