Works in the Herald 1930

The second Test match has ended with a victory for Australia by seven wickets.

So it's back again to the dreary grind
   As the cheering dies and the field departs.
But if, in the end, there is left behind
   Something of solace for weary hearts,
Something of courage for souls in dread,
Here is hope and an earnest for days ahead.

As men may play with their futile toys,
   Waging a battle of mimic strife,
Playing the game with the zest of boys,
   Men may play in the game of life:
Keen on the winning of hard-earned gains;
Never defeated while hope remains.

'Tis only a game; but life is a game;
   And he who can play it as games are played,
Scorning excuses and peevish blame,
   Shall not in the end be found dismayed.
For whether we've lost or whether we've won,
There is honor for all in a deed well done.

There is honor for all in a fight well fought;
   In the strife and the spirit is praise for all;
For glorious victory, dearly bought,
   For a splendid failure with backs to the wall.
Victor or vanquished, 'tis who can say:
"We have fought to a finish," have served the day.

Herald, 2 July 1930, p6

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