Works in the Herald 1930
Oh, what a week-end is coming!
   Oh, for the sea or the hills,
While a whole frantic city is humming
   With tattle, and trouble, and thrills.
The Budget! The Steeple! The Football! The Test!
Oh, for immunity!  Oh for a rest.

Why, sir, it's a scandal, this Budget!
   This Scullin ... If Ponsford can't play ...
A gross imposition, I judge it ...
   Still, Collingwood might win today ...
And then there's Mosstrooper ... and Jackson ... What's more
With Theodore out of it ... Who'll make the score?

Except for the bowling of Grimmett ...
   Of course, if this Kentle can stay ...
With a sales tax on top!  It's the limit ...
   But you ought to see Coventry play.
Why he's ... Ten per cent. increase?
But Bradman will save it ... Twelve million?  Too bad.

Oh, for a break in the babble!
   Oh, for a chance for a rest,
For release from the gossipping rabble!
   "The Budget!  The Steeple!  The Test!"
Oh, for a week-end of happy release!
Oh, for a season of beautiful peace. 

Herald, 4 July 1930, p6

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