Works in the Herald 1930

A section of the South Australian Public Service has issued a notice to its officers stating that it has become necessary to dismiss single men, and adding, rather pathetically, "Cannot you do something about it?" It amounts to a brutal notice to get wed or get out.

In a day now out of date, by all men the married state was regarded as a blessing and a boon; and life's morning saw a quest for maid to grace a nest and embellish life's contented afternoon. But the blasť youth these days on the joys that poets praise turns a resolute and apathetic back, till the worried powers that be have to issue this decree: "Take a pair of sparkling eyes, or take the sack!"

Men of old could plainly see marriage was a lottery; but they were not slacker sin that olden day. A pouting lip, a roguish glance, and they were game to take a chance, and it was left but for the maid to name the day. But, alas, for valiant men! 'Tis a gloomy comment when youth endeavors all posterity to rob, and the duty they forget must be backed up by the threat: "Take a pair of ruby lips, or lose your job!"

Take my counsel selfish man, marriage is the only plan; and, if two can never live as cheap as one, one may not monopolise all the way that rulers wise set aside that this world's work may still be done. Take a wife or take the air; thankful that you do not bear all the burdens of the Musselman or Turk. Take a maid and look for joy; take a chance half-hearted boy; take a cosy little cot or look for work.

Herald, 29 April 1930, p4

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