Works in the Herald 1930

General rain has fallen in all States of the Commonwealth that need it.

"Gosh!" cries the farmer, "Gosh!  Oh, Gosh!"
A whole vast continent awash
   For miles on countless glistening miles
   Peers thro' the pelting rain and smiles
A glad smile, gleaming in the wet
The drought has broken and we're set!

"We're set!" the farmer cries.  "We're set!"
Nor shall we willingly forget
   The gloomy days of grim suspense,
   The pressing urge to hoard our pence
While fear of what might yet befall
Made niggard misers of us all.

Saving to meet a rainy day
In many a clammy country may
   Be sage advice where winter's curse
   Makes fierce demands upon the purse,
But here the downpour wins high praise,
And rainy days are spending days.

"Loosen your purse!" the traders cry
And millions tumbling from the sky
   Cheer once again glad men who know
   Light hearts with heavy purses go,
And heavy purses surely loom
Ahead to bring surcease from gloom.

"Gosh!" cries the farmer, "Gosh!  Oh, Gosh!"
Down country lanes the cattle slosh
   That once were dust: and dawning green
   Already comes to paint the scene.
Hearts shall have hope; men shall have bread,
Earth smiles; and living things are fed.

Herald, 13 May 1930, p1

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