Works in the Herald 1930

Welcome news from Ouyen on Easter Monday states that a cricket team there forfeited a match because cropping operations had commenced, and the team was too busy to take time off.

They are on the job at Ouyen, for the land awaits the seed --
   A strange thing, a rare thing, a curious report.
They are on the job at Ouyen, and they've given us a lead
   In a mad land, a privileged land, that passes all for sport.
But the drillers now are humming
   Over Ouyen's fallowed fields,
And contented days are coming
   With the gold that harvest yields.
All the soft allure of cricket
   Fails to move them from their vow,
Or their firm resolve to stick it
   'Twixt the handles of a plough.

They are off the game at Ouyen while the work is there to do --
   A rare thing and happy, if a portent and a sign
That all this careless continent, including me and you
   From Ouyen take example now, and hasten into line.
There's no longer need to borrow,
   And the land will surely pay
If Australia does tomorrow
   What stern Ouyen does today.
Too much work and little playing
   Make Jack dull, the sages say,
But this very worthy saying
   Also works the other way. 

Herald, 22 April 1930, p6

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