Works in the Herald 1930

Two lady speakers at the Women Citizens' Movement last night declared that, under modern conditions, marriage was no longer a full-time job, even for the woman with three or four children, if she was really efficient. The meeting, in a motion, upheld woman's right to work after marriage.

Matriachy's coming fast,
   Matriarchy's here!
Man's supremacy at last
   Finds the end is near.
Since the days of troglodytes,
   Man, the lord and master,
Sees his olden cherished rights,
   Slipping fast and faster.

Daddy has no time to roam,
   The household bills he's clearing,
Mummy's left four kids at home
   And gone electioneering.
Mummy holds a sacred trust
   To talk the public dizzy,
Daddy has to earn a crust,
   And, gosh! it keeps him busy.

Once a chattel and a slave,
   We grabbed her by her hair
And flung her in our private cave
   To do our cooking there.
But, since her olden bonds were loosed,
   More liberty she's craving,
And lovely woman rules the roost,
   While mankind does the slaving.

Marriage is a full-time job
   For Daddy, ever toiling:
He has to work, the poor old swab,
   To keep the pot a-boiling.
But Mummy has the time to spare
   To right a stricken nation.
Oh, cares!  Oh, clubs!  Oh, flowing hair!
   This is emancipation!

Herald, 9 April 1930, p6

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