Works in the Herald 1933

In an article on the return to long skirts, fans, furbelows and all that appertain thereto, a writer suggests that the new modes call for new manners.

Let us return to elegance and grace
   (Oh, lawk-a-mussy sir! You are too bold!)
Is this the shingled head, the cheeky face
   That gave us slangy quip for quip of old?
Yet no to long ago. That gaze demure
   Flashing, to trun most modestly away.
That meek, unearmined face so palely pure?
   Where are the baby dolls of yesterday?

Let us return to elegance and grace.
   Ah, see, she blushes red behind her fan.
How does she get that color in her face
   Who never blushed before since life began?
And does she still indulge the soothing fag
   In some unseen and surreptitious way?
Could she drop ashes on that gorgeous rag?
   Where are the cuties, here but yesterday?

Let us return to elegance and grace,
   To pink perfection's pose. And yet, and yet,
Eve is still Eve; 'mid all the billowing lace
   Of Limerick, there's no man may forget
That pert impertinence.  From fluff and frill,
   From fan and furbelow, demurely gay.
Still a good sport, a pert pretender still,
   Peeps out the baby doll of yesterday.

Herald, 5 March 1930, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2007