Works in the Herald 1930

A decrease of 0.7 per cent. in the cost of living in Victoria during June is recorded by the Commonwealth Statistician.

Have done with repining, I see a light shining,
   A gleam in the offing, a spark in the gloom,
Tho' darkness grows thicker, a faint little flicker
   Glows on the horizon where thunderclouds loom.

A weak consolation to hearten the nation,
   A soupcon of solace, a speck of content;
Small comfort 'tis giving to know cost of living
   At last has come down oh point seven per cent.

Oh point seven per centum! What cheer to content 'em
   Who dig deep and deeper more taxes to pay?
A mockery rather to taunt the house father,
   Whose deficit grows with each dolorous day.

Yet, tho' creditors press you, tho' burdens distress you,
   There is nothing to do till conditions relent
But to keep on defying the high cost of dying,
   Since living is down oh point seven per cent.

Concentrate on point seven -- a hint of high heaven,
   Where living costs little and taxes are few.
Tho' we'll not attain it, our grandsons may gain it,
   Or, mayhap, will win a more intimate view.

You can fault statistics. Meticulous mystics,
   Who juggle with figures concerning your bread,
Are keen on the topic. Tho' now microscopic,
   The fall may grow palpable -- when you are dead.

Herald, 30 July 1930, p6

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