Works in the Herald 1930
(New Version)

Cabled reports state that the Duke of Montrose, whose estate includes these historic spots, is being compelled, owing to heavy taxation, to sell by auction the whole of Ben Lomond and its approaches from the famous Loch Lomond.

O Scotland!  In an olden time
A bard who lacked the gift for rhyme
   Wrote him a song of heartfelt thanks
   For Lomond and its "bonny banks."
Historic and romantic spot!
Since then there's many an exiled Scot
   In this new land who sang they praise.
   Loch Lomond of the spacious days.

But in these days when bitterness
Comes with the dire financial stress,
   Scotsmen, all dour, with faces long
   Put new words to the olden song.
The high road we no longer tread
To fortune; but with bended head,
   We walk in sorrow on the low.
   And this is how the words now go:

"Oh, we're done wi' the high road;
   We all tak' the low road;
An' what ha'e, ye, Scotland, before ye?
   For I an' my bawbees will never meet again,
   Since the bonny, bonny Banks ha'e Loch Lomond."

Herald, 1 May 1930, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003