Works in the Herald 1930
Yes, I know the stricken nation
   Is contending with the dread
Economic situation,
   And more trouble looms ahead.
I'm aware the grim Fates scatter
   Woe and worry at our door,
But, ere you pursue that matter --
   What's the score?

What's the score?  Is Grimmett bowling
   In his old accustomed style?
Later on I'll need consoling
   For I know the times are vile.
Later on I'll fall to weeping
   For a nation stricken sore.
Meantime, how is Oldfield 'keeping?
   What's the score?

Tell me not in mournful numbers
   That the situation's grave,
And deep debt the land encumbers
   While the politicians rave.
While the politicians, spending
   Even as they spent of yore,
Give no evidence of mending.
   What's the score?

Has this fellow Dulcepsinhji
   Made more runs? ... Ah, tell me nought
Of the waste at far Nowingi,
   Later on I'll give that thought.
Long, too long, I know we gammoned
   That lean days would come no more ...
Have or have they not got Hammond?
   What's the score?

Herald, 1 July 1930, p4

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