Works in the Herald 1930

"The interests of the whole of the people, including the city wage-earners, are so clearly invovled that the Federal and State Governments will be justified in offering the farmers special inducements." - From a leading article on the appeal to rural producers to sow another million acres of wheat.

They are coming back to you, Bill, old boy,
   They are coming hat in hand;
For they've had their fling and their hectic joy
   In a rich and heedless land;
They have cut their dash with the borrowed cash
   While the pawn-shop's doors were wide;
But under the threat of a pending smash
   It's, Ho, for the countryside!

They had small regard for your soil-stained hands
   In the cities, mad with mirth,
For your days of toil in the lonely lands
   Where the gold lies in the earth.
But they're coming back to you, Bill, old son,
   To their only friend in need;
For the pawn-shop door stands wide no more,
   And the lenders will not heed.

'Twas the "Backbone of the Nation," lad
   They called you years ago.
When the cash ran out and days were bad;
   But your stock of late was low;
You were butt for a purse-proud nation's scorn
   At the seabord cities' door;
But the cities' mood has grown forlorn,
   And the proud are proud no more.

They are coming back to you, Bill, old sport,
   With praise for the soil-stained hand,
To sue again for the old support
   In a sad and chastened land;
Back, when the easy money stops
   And the days of madness end,
To the man who toils to grow the crops
   To make the cash to spend.

Herald, 4 March 1930, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2007