Works in the Herald 1930

It has been discovered that a number of drinking men intend to vote dry at the forthcoming liquor poll, while many teetotallers are voting against No-Licence.

If one should say: "For many a day
   From alcohol I abstained
Because I think, in taking drink,
   For me, there’s nothing to be gained."

And if he say: "Tho' others may
   Indulge in liquor nor and then,
And find it good; think not I should
   Hold liberty from other men."

The chosen plan of such a man
   I find not hard to comprehend.
He may give up, himself, the cup,
   Yet not deny it to a friend.

No Pharisee to scold and fret
   I find in him, nor wonder why
A man, politically wet,
   May still be personally dry.

But if one say: "Take drink away!
   For, lo, my brother is a sot!
Tho', for myself I keep a shelf
   Within my cupboard for a 'spot.'

"For I am strong.  I see no wrong
   In holding from another's reach
This baneful stuff.  While I've enough
   Why should I practise what I preach?"

Such man I cannot understand,
   Now what his aim, nor what his end,
Who for himself one law has planned,
   But quite another for his friend.

May be that I am dull; but I
   Have never comprehended yet
How one, politically dry,
   Can still be personally wet.

Herald, 26 March 1930, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003