Works in the Herald 1929

News from Kabul has been brought down by an Indian named Mahomed Akbar Murid Puri, who reports that Amir Habibulla (Bacha Saguo) goes in fear of assassination by emmissaries of ex-King Amanullah, and trusts only his henchman, Syed Hussain.

Mahomed Akbar Murid Puri,
   Coming down from Khyber hills,
Brings a tale of Afghan fury
   Which should beat all movie thrills,
For the goings on are lurid,
Says Mahomed Akbar Murid.

Habibulla, Amanullah,
   Each a fierce and fearless bloke,
Each a gentleman of "cullah,"
   Claims to rule the Afghan folk,
And Mahomed says the fighting
Is exceedingly exciting.

Bacho Saguo, sanguinary,
   Trusts alone to Syed Hussain.
For their attitude is airy.
   In Kabul when men are slain
They dispense with judge and jury,
Says Mahomed A. M. Puri.

This is all.  For Mr. Puri
   Tells no more.  The tale is brief,
Tho' for these few facts he's sure he
   Ought at least to win belief.
For the meagre facts to learn he
Risked a most exciting journey.

Mr. Puri, 'spite his daring,
   Has no special flair for news,
And of detail he is sparing,
   Which the press cannot excuse.
So, amid the "sub's" wild fury,
Exit Akbar Murid Puri.

Herald, 12 February 1929, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2004