Works in the Herald 1929

Miss Irene Vanbrugh, complaining of the Australian method of tax assessment of actors and actresses, suggests that the papers should be drafted so that anybody could understand their meaning.

Scene: A theatrical treasurer's office, with ghost walking therein amongst 
mixed crowd of thespians, who jingle minted gold.

Enter a taxgatherer.

First Actor: What wight is this, whose lank unmarcelled hair
Marks him non member of our great profesh!
2nd Actor: Hist, Eustace!  For he hath an eager air
Of brief authority.  Don't get too fresh.
Taxgatherer (unrolling a reed): Varlets, clowns, strollers, mimes and 
Hear ye edict of our lord, the king:
Ere ye bear each his treasure to the banks.
Paid by the mob to hear you shout and sing.
Yield up a tithe, that we may compensate
Your victims, ere ye take or lute or sup.
The King decrees it, and the sovereign State
Demands its due.  In other words, cough up!
They cough up, Exit omnes.

Herald, 23 April 1929, p6

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