Works in the Herald 1929

According to a London cable, the new fashions for Spring and Summer will mean the manufacture of 60,000,000 yards more material than last year. Even an inch on women's skirts means the employment of thousands of additional workers.

I know you do not think, dear -- very much
   Of economics.  Things like that are fagging.
And, if your frock has that parisian touch
   That sets the other cats with envy nagging
About your reputation, you're content,
But think, sweet, what mere inches represent.

One inch -- one single inch upon a band,
   And smiles replace ten thousand hungry curses:
For shorter skirts mean labor shortage, and,
   Conversely, longer frocks mean longer purses
Among the simple folk who weave and spin
That glad creation you go gadding in.

You have so long played havoc with man's heart
   (Indeed, your garb has long since got past shocking).
'Twere doubly charity upon your part
   To hide again a meagre inch of stocking --
One inch of charity that strights begins
To cover up a multitude of shins.

"More heart, less leg," should be your slogan now;
   Man's had his fill of visual enjoyment,
And longs to mark, behind your marble brow,
   Some earnest wish to lessen unemployment:
Your knees are very pretty, dear, indeed;
But show less knee and there will be less need.

Herald, 26 March 1929, p6

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