Works in the Herald 1929

In a Sydney motor collision on Monday a baby was hurled from its mother's arms through a car window on to a cement road. It was uninjured, and was smiling and chuckling when picked up.

I had a lovely game today.
   Life, after all, is not so slow;
But it's not often elders play
   At pastimes that amuse one so;
And life had grown a little tame
Until they thought of this new game.

They put you in a motor car
   And drive you quickly up a lane.
Then there's a rather pleasant far
   And out you go through the pane
And notice as you swiftly pass,
The pretty tinkling of the glass.

Next minute you are in the street
   With all the nice cement and dirt
And motor wheels and horses feet.
   And when you find you are not hurt
You laugh with all your might and main ...
I wish they'd play that game again.

Herald, 2 April 1929, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002