Works in the Herald 1929
Do you know 'Erb?  Now, there's a dinkum sport. 
If football's on your mind, why, 'Erb's the sort
   To put you wise.  It's his whole end and' aim.
   Keen?  He's as keen as mustard on the game.
Football is in his blood.  He thinks an' schemes
All through the season; talks of it an' dreams
   An' eats an' sleeps with football on his mind.
   Yes: 'Erb's a sport -- the reel whole-hearted kind.

"A healthy, manly sport." That's wot 'Erb says.
You ought to see his form on football days:
   Keyed up, reel eager, eyes alight with joy,
   Full of wise schemes for his team to employ.
Knows all about it -- how to kick a goal,
An' wot to do if they get in a hole.
   Enthusiasm?  Why, when 'Erb gets set
   He is a sight you couldn't well forget.

There ain't a point about it he don't know --
All of the teams and players, top to toe.
   The rules, the tricks -- it's marvellous the way
   He follers -- Wot?  Good Lord, no, he don't play.
'Erb?  Playin' football?  Blimey!  have a heart!
   Aw, don't be silly.  'Erb don't have to play;
   He knows more than them players any day.

He's never had a football in his hand,
'Cept once, when it was kicked up in the stand.
   No, 'Erb ain't never played; he only sits
   An' watches 'em, an' yells, an' hoots and splits
His sides with givin' mugs some sound advice
An' tellin' umpires things wot ain't too nice.
   Aw, look; your ejication ain't complete
   Till you know 'Erb.  You reely ought to meet.

Herald, 12 September 1929

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