Works in the Herald 1929

NEW YORK, Saturday - between 11 o'clock tonight and 12.30 a.m. on Sunday (New York time) Station WGY will broadcast to the Byrd Antarctic Expedition a programme of greetings and music from The Times building.

There's an unfamiliar stirring
   In the lonely Arctic zone
Where the icy cliffs re-echo
  To the sobbing saxophone;
And the little, pensive penguins
   And the startled Polar bears,
They are swaying, gently swaying
   To the jazz and rag-time airs.

We are sitting on an iceberg
  'Neath the gloaming Polar star,
While the band winds out the burden
   Of a "Red, Rod Hot Mamma."
And sad thoughts of home and mother
   Fills the whole Antarctic zone
While a soulful young soprano
   Fills the bill with "All Alone." 

All alone in the Antarctic
   With a speaker and a set
While the seals bob in the blowholes
   And our feet get cold and wet.
But we tuck our furs around us,
   And we drop off one by one
While they tell us bedtime stories
   Of the boy who loved the sun.

Herald, 8 April 1929, p6

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