Works in the Herald 1927
by "The Bloke"

A resolution condemning slang was passed by the Anglican Synod in Melbourne yesterday.

Blimey!  Ain't it gittin' tough?
   Life gits 'arder day by day.
First a bloke ain't got enough
   Words for wot 'e wants to say;
Then some nark; with nix to do,
Cuts vocab'laries in two.

'Ow can coots ixpress their souls?
   Many a noble song is sung
By crook lips; an' music rolls
   Off full many a slangy tongue.
Many a word o' wisdom's spoke
By some reel dead leery bloke.

Still in all, I gotter own,
   If pure lingo we would teach,
Young kids' minds 'ad best be sown
   With some dinkum slabs of speech.
Shove this matter in each book:
"Sling the slang; it's all dead crook."

Herald, 12 October 1927, p6

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003