Works in the Herald 1922

Miss Nellie Stewart says that Christian Science enables her to make those associated with her happy.

Today, Sweet Nell.  But, yesterday?
   What science was it then
That helped you drive dull care away
   And gladden hearts of men?

Upon a long-gone night of nights
   We saw you smiling, fair,
Trip on the stage in silken tights --
   And Happiness was there.

'Twas never Christian Science then,
   Memory must confess,
That helped you move a throng of men
   To eager happiness.

No science gave you there so well
   To play the Fairy's part;
But rather, shall we say, Sweet Nell,
   Just good, clean, Pagan Art.

The Mooch of Life
"C. J. Dennis"
Herald, 2 September 1922, p6
with The Gun's Lament

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