Works in the Herald 1922

The Presbyterian Assembly has passed a resolution opposing the introduction of the totalisator to Victoria.

The parson and the bookmaker
   Were strolling hand in hand,
And wept like anything to see
   Such evils in the land.
"I've read of Lewis Carroll, sir,"
   The learned bookie quoth;
"Let's make a verse that we may curse
   This thing that scares us both."

"Now, think you friend," the parson said,
   "If we had lots of votes,
We could combine both yours and mine
   To squelch these fearful totes."
"I doubt it," sobbed the bookmaker.
   "They'll ram it down our throats."

"Nay, do not dread," the parson said,
   "Defeat.  They dare not flout it,
Our joint demand -- if hand in hand,
   We stand, to make them 'out' it."
The bookie sighed; then "Done," he cried,
   "Here's five to two about it."

Herald, 2 June 1922, p8

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003