Works in the Herald 1922
Our New Serial

(Last night, pipe-smoking by women was again mentioned in an article, and it is said further that London society ladies have taken enthusiastically to the pipe.)

"Will you be mine, angel?" cried the lovelorn young man.

The beauteous damsel -- fairer than Helen -- regarded him with strangely brooding eyes. She blew through the stem of her briar and found it blocked.

"For years I have adored you!" he cried passionately.

With a beautiful gesture, full of wondrous female grace, she drew a hairpin from her glowing tresses, and cleaned her pipe stem as she considered him.

"My queen!" he exclaimed, overcome by her beautiful pose.

She blew down the pipe stem again.

"Damn!" she cried in a liquid voice.

"It's blocked up! Give me one of your effeminate cigarettes!"

(To be continued - some day).

Herald, 2 June 1922, p8

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