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A LETTER FROM THE BUSH (4 September 1922)

dere frend

ows she stepin. me and bill smiths bin readin in the papers about these ere perliticle shifts an things and we wants to get the strenth of it. why carnt these er pilitshuns get to wurk an stop foolin. wots senshure moshuns for anyways, seems to me an bill that as soon as there seems a chance of doin a bit of reel wurk somewun gets up an moves a senshure moshun to ang things up for fear somethin mite reely git done. i gros spuds meself and bills wurkin a sor mill and i kin tell you we both done some pretty ard yakker but we dont never think of movin no senshure moshuns again no one becos weer too busy trine to errn a crust. it seems these ere polytishuns kin ern there crust just by movin senshure moshuns an me an bill dont see ow that can be called perductive industry. serpose bill was to start an move a senshure moshun about the way I groo me spuds or i eld bill up at the brakin down sor wile i tole im i didnt like the way e kut is timber. verry soon we wud be short of muney, but these ere polytishuns seems to be able to do that sorter thung an still dror their muney all the time and me and bill smith rekins it aint fare.

ixcuse the toan of this leter but thinkin over this ere thing as made me reel riled. why can't peeple wurk fer a crust same as me an bill smith an the other blokes up ere does the olething gives me a eadake

hoppin you are the sam

yours truly
Ben Bowyang

The Mooch of Life
"C. J. Dennis"
Herald, 4 September 1922, p8

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