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A LETTER FROM THE BUSH (1 September 1922)

dere frend

Wots appening? I aint seen much in the papers lately an me an bill smith is feelin a bit board. We was torkin it over the other nite and we rekins that the only sane peepil in the world is us up ere at gunn's gully. we dont go shootin wun another like ther doin in ireland and we dont go bushranging like they does in other places and we dont get torkin a lotter rot like they does in them parlyments you got down there. wot we does we wurks and we eats an we sleeps an mins our own bizness wich is a good tip fer the rest of the world. bill smith rekins that blokes in sities aint got enuf wurk to do an they goes broodin and gets idears and then wants to shoot someone or go on a jag or get into parlyment or somethin silly like that. now us up ere dont want to do none of them thngs. as bill smith sez man was made fer wurk and wurk was made fer man an if the 2 dont get together somthins going to blo up. an i rekin e's quite rite. when Adam bit the appil an got chucked outer the gardin of edin bill smith rekins e flung away is spade an took to share brokin or polyticks or somethin an thats ow a curse cum to be put on us and bill smith rekins that us up ere is nearer to Adam than any of yous cows down there. annyways judgin by recent apenins i rekin me wife is as near to eve as anny women kin get. ile tell you about that later.

Our sekin youngest is down with the mumps.

hoppin you are the sam

Yours truly

The Mooch of Life
"C. J. Dennis"
Herald, 1 September 1922, p8
with A Spring Poem

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