Works in the Herald 1922

Dere frend,

Seein abut this ere buty competishun a few of us blokes in the bush wishes to put in a bit of a protest. bill smith's missus ses she is goin to give up milkin and go in for that undred quid she is takin to curlin er air and puttin on them noo jaz close and is goin to ave er photer took wich will cost bill the price of a cuple of poddy carves easy not to menshun that e carnt get any milkin done acount of is missus dollin erself up every minit of the day me own wife ses that if Missus Smith can win a undred quid with er buty my wife sez any reel woman oo as looks can make a lot more than grubbin stumps or diggin taters now she goin a bit orf the andle an is neglectin er work to fool about with face powder and lip sarve what shes spent near orl the egg mony on consequent the fowls is neglected an the carves an pigs is so sick that im fair orf me blok hoppin you are the same. -Yours

The Mooch of Life
"C. J. Dennis"
Herald, 1 June 1922, p6
with The Broken Contract

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