Works in the Herald 1922

It is said that the City Council yesterday adopted a procrastinating resoluton regarding the million pound anti-dust scheme.

As I'm moochin' around this world of ours;
As I'm moochin' along the street,
A man like me ain't over-free
With the many blokes I meet;
An' I'd like to walk right on -- not talk,
But say this must I must --
When I sees a bloke that's like to choke --
"Can you keep down the dust?"

So, we wander into some haunt of sin --
As wowsers call such places --
And then say this, "Two small ones, Miss."
And pour them in our faces.
And though you blame this silly game --
As blame such things you must --
You've got to own, in Melbourne town
We must keep down the dust.

So, as I mooch about the town
And see the fellows dodging
To place where, I dare to swear,
They don't seek board and lodging:
And when, each day, I hear them say,
"Another would not hurt you."
I merely smile, and think the while
"This is true civic virtue."

Herald, 2 June 1922, p8

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