Works in the Herald 1922

We interviewed a Mayor, who shall be nameless. Even the name, topography and condition of his city shall not be divulged. We interviewed a Mayor -

Not trying to make this thing rhyme
But, at the same time,
A little interlude like this
Is not amiss).
We interviewed a Mayor and asked gently, "Dost
Think, my lord, that thy great city is a pleasant place wherein to dwell?  For, if 
   not, why not?"  And he answered, "Dust!"
He seemed perturbed.  Something was on his mind.  He could not talk.  He could not 
   say one word excepting
We fear that the interview was a bit of a frost.  We wanted to ask him all sort of 
   things about markets, and the letting of the Town Hall, and jay-walking 
   regulations; but all he would answer was just
And when outside into the street we went
We knew just
What he meant.

The Mooch of Life
"C. J. Dennis"
Herald, 18 May 1922, p6

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