Works in the Herald 1922

A correspondent signing himself "Father of 13" says, in reference to the proposal to withdraw the baby bonus: "It seems absolutely unscrupulous to offer this inducement, and then withdraw it when so many of us have contracted matrimonial relations in reliance thereon."

Kiss me, my dear, our happiness is over;
When we first wed I thought we'd live in clover;
For on Government devolved the onus
Of shelling out to us the baby bonus.
But now they threaten never more to shell.
Darling, farewell!

Were were so heartened, dear,
Ere yet we married,
We simply rushed to church and never tarried;
Nor guessing that a Government could falter,
We spoke our "Yes" quite firmly at the altar.
And now they say the Treasury is dry.
Sweetheart, goodbye.

My dear, think you we ever would have wedded
Knowing a Govrnment could be pig-headed?
Rather we would consnet our team to mingle,
And then resolve for ever to be single.
Was all our love in vain?  I fear so dear;
And we part here.

Darling! Our happiness is in the mud
If once that baby bonus proves a dud!

The Mooch of Life
"C. J. Dennis"
Herald, 1 June 1922, p6
with A Letter From the Bush

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002