Works in the Herald 1922

There is an agitation on foot to secure an eight hour day for nurses; but, so far, there has been no talk of downing thermometers.

He was a man of the union clan
   And a Labor secre-tary.
He fell unwell and beneath the spell
   Of a little nurse named Mary.
Now, Mary was no little lamb,
   And the tenets that he taught her
They turned her head and she voted "red"
   When the mad strike fever caught her.

Then he missed his gruel, and he thought it cruel
   That he was so neglected
One winter morn; and, all forlorn,
   He rang - and was neglected.
And when she came she said, "My name
   Is henceforth Trotsky Mary.
We've downed thermometers, my friend:
   You've won, dear secre-tary!"

The Mooch of Life
"C. J. Dennis"
Herald, 30 May 1922, p8

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