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The latest Parliamentary game
   Beats euchre, nap or poker.
Seeing that in the game they played
   The pack contained a Joker.

They dealt the cards, each one in turn, It was a members' race; Extra four hundred pounds a year, Each one should turn an Ace.
Billy first he dealt them. Of course the cards did stack; Up came the Ace of Diamonds, Put Billy in the pack.
Each member took in turn his deal With Ace of Diamonds to start. Each face it wore a smile when Up came up the Ace of Hearts.
Some members thought it trouble When Clubs was in the race; Sure enough it's with us, For the dealer turned an Ace.
The last dealer took the cards To deal; he seemed afraid. Things looked bad for the Grab School, When up came the Ace of Spades.
"Four hundred pounds a year more," Said Billy, looking stern. When out spoke the Public - "You have something yet to learn."
"We're going to shuffle the cards ourselves, "Not grab, nap or poker, "Four hundred pounds a year you lose, "For the pack contains a JOKER!"

"J.M. Dennis"
Age, 8 June 1920, p4

I have to put this poem down only as a "possible." I can't completely attribute it to CJD.

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