Works in the Bulletin 1909

Mr. Harper: The offer of the gift of a Dreadnought to England was accepted, as showing that we looked upon ourselves as being an intergral portion of the Empire -
The Prime Minister: Stand or fall together! -
Parliamentary report.

Lo, the poor Indian, in his obscurity,
Having strange notions concerning futurity,
            When a prince threw a seven,
            And wandered to Heaven,
            Made a big fire -
            A funeral pyre,
            And piled all his wives on it,
            Sacrificed lives on it,
Burnt 'em to cinders, with savage barbarity,
Probably calling it "justice" or "charity";
Bent upon giving the prince, in futurity,
Of matrimonial bliss a security.

This rite, Mister Deakin, would you have us follow it? And, if you would, do you think we should swallow it? Are you really supposing, That we would he closing Our national life Like an Indian's wife? That we'd get in the fire Should our mother expire? Do you mean us to follow this practice historical? Or was it said for effect oratorical? Blowed if I think it would do for Australians, Though it may probably suit colored aliens.
Stand? Why, most certainly; shoulder to shoulder. Never were Btitishers facing 'em bolder. But full? Hold on, Deakin! Your manner o' speakin' Gets on my nerves. Though eloquence serves Very well, not a doubt of it, You're a bit out of it. The sons of the Empire stand by one another; But hanged if we'll lie down and die with our mother. Is that Patriotism? Don't make any blunder; We'll stand while we're able, whoever goes under!

The Bulletin, 30 December 1909, p10

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