Works in the Bulletin 1912

The debate on the censure motion was continued in the House of Representatives, etc., etc. - Frequent press item.

Quit your raving o'er Protection;
   What's the good of lookin' sour?
Time enough for sad reflection,
   Let's be merry for an hour.
Never mind the Referendum,
   Claims and rights, and laws and such;
Let some other chap defend 'em;
   We've been grieving over-much.
Let the other fellow worry;
   Banish care, and let's go gay,
And with me to Spring-street hurry -
   Come along and see the play!

* * * * *
[ADVERTISEMENT] VAUDEVILLE!! VAUDEVILLE!!! SPRING STREET PLAYHOUSE (on the Hill). Positively last appearance, Of the great Freetection Troupe, In the Playlet - "SOPS OR SOUP."
Just before the final clearance, See the famous Fusion-disher. ANDY FISHER, ANDY FISHER, Who for public favor bids With his latest - "QUIDS FOR KIDS."
ALFRED DEAKIN, ALFRED DEAKIN, Come and hear this marvel speakin'! Alf, the Human Gramophone, In his act - "GIMME THAT BONE!"
BILLY HUGHES, BILLY HUGHES, Here's a treat you should not lose! He's the life of all the show: - "TRUSTS I'VE BUST - OR NEARLY SO."
WILLIE KELLY, WILLIE KELLY, Gets you shaking like a jelly With his quaint absurdity - "PERFECT TASTE, OR LOOK AT ME."
KINK O'MALLFY, KINK O'MALLEY, And his Bounding Rooster Ballet: - "Meet me on the Cotter's shore - When it rains a little more."
JOSEPH COOK, JOSEPH COOK, "I'll get there by Hook or Crook!" See his great Impersonation - "COOK! the man who made the nation!"
Screaming Farce, "THE UNNAMED FUSE," Led by Cook and Billy Hughes, Which includes the Great Illusion, "FREETRADE FREAKS"; or "What is Fusion?"
Come and see this Funny Play! Change of Programme ev'ry day. Hear the song - "WILL VOTERS ROUSE?" (Box plan at the Customs House.)
* * * * *
What's the use of gettin' savage? It is vain to raise a row! What if Foreign Traders ravage? We can't mend these matters now! We shall have our chance to mend 'em Later, on election day. Meanwhile, to the Devil send em - Come along and see the Play!

The Bulletin, 18 July 1912, p11

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