Works in the Bulletin 1909

The Council of Churches has never hesitated to do what it could when it had been appealed to in regard to any question that had been put before it in the interest of the working classes. - Rev. Dr Bevan, Melbourne.
And by chance there came down a certain priest that way; and when he
saw him, he passed by on the other side. - Luke x.,31.

It is written: On the road between Jerusalem of old
And Jericho, a certain man was plundered of his gold.
For he fell among fierce robbers - 'mid the syndicates of yore.
(Such as nowadays, thank God, distress the troubled earth no more.)
They robbed and stripped and wounded him, and left him where he lay -
Left him all faint and bleeding nigh to death and went their way.
(And who'll deny those robbers justified themselves therein ?
For, mark ye, Private Enterprise is just as old as Sin.)

On the road to Jericho Mark the stricken one, Moaning in his agony, Prone beneath the sun. Prone beneath the blazing sun, Naked and alone, Bleeding from a score of wounds, Stricken to the bone. Now his tossing arms lie still; Now his moans grow faint. Is there none to succor him - Publican or saint? Publican or Pharisee - Are none passing by On the road to Jericho Is he left to die?
And 'tis written: Now a certain priest beheld him where he lay - Looked on the groaning sufferer and - went upon his way. And after him a Levite came; to God he uttered praise, And hurried by the stricken man with shocked,averted gaze. Aye, priest and Levite passed him by! And why should either stay? They had not been appealed to, and they simply went their way. Were the question put before them, they had stayed - tis surely so - And tended that poor sufferer, but - how were they to know?
On the road to Jericho - Hurry, hurry, priest! 'Twere a sin wert thou away From the saintly feast. Haste thee, Levite, tarry not. At the Temple waits Holy work for thee to do; Haste thee to the gates. God will guard the stricken one. Leave it all to Him. (Now the blood dries on his wouds. Now his eyes grow dim.) Yet - ah tell it! Save the shame - Save the name of Man! On the road to Jericho One Samaritan!
Oh, ye fallen by the roadside, listen, are ye over-proud? Lo, when priest or Levite passes, call him, call to him aloud. Tell him ye are naked, plundered. wounded; he will surely come. But, my brothers, O, the pity! Pity 'tis your wounds are dumb! Could their gaping mouths call to him, mayhap even he would pause; Leaving Churchianity and Council for a nobler cause; Leaving dogma, sect and schism, wrangles with his fellow priest, E'en to bring one sip of water to the folk He called "the least".
On the road to Jericho - "Voices call 'Make way! See, the Bishop's carriage comes; He's in haste to-day. He's in haste to tend a Prince. Let the good man through, He is lordly; he is rich . . . Not like me or you. He'll 'consider' your appeal. He's no time to waste!" O, despised Samaritan, Haste thee hither, haste! Priest and Levite pass along, Bishops go their ways, On the road to Jericho - As in olden days.

The Bulletin, 30 September 1909, p7

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