Works in the Bulletin 1909

The spot chosen by the "Advisory Board" for Australia's Federal City is described as being somewhere near the Mugga Mugga Mountain. The water supply is doubtful.

            Candidly, I do not hug a
            Wish to go to Mugga Mugga;
To the Mugga Mugga Mountain by Yassberra's desert place,
            Where they're planning - more's the pity -
            To erect Australia's city,
To upraise a drouthy city - monument to our disgrace.

'Tis proposed that we shall lug a Myriad pipes to Mugga Mugga - Water-pipes to get the wetness to the city's thirsty crowd Water to ablute and bathe in? Nay! The language will be scathin' When the Mugga mugs discover: "NOTICE - BATHING NOT ALLOWED."
Wearily, with jar or jug, a Citizen at Mugga Mugga Will await his turn for water - wait with bucket, billy-can, Kerosene-tin - any vessel That the Cotter's muddy mess'll Safely keep in - 0, the weepin' of the Mugga Mugga man!
I can see a future Mugga Resident arise and tug a Show'r-bath chain without result, then curse aloud and thirst for blood - Curse the crawling Cotter trickle. For he will be in a pickle When the Cotter isn't cotting and Molongolo's mostly mud.
I've a yearn, within, to plug a Jaw whenever Mugga Mugga Mountain's mentioned in my hearing, for it makes me very sore. When I realise Dalgety Was thrown over for the petty Claims of parish politicians I'm inclined to raze for gore.
I'd rejoice if someone dug a Deep, wide grave at Mugga Mugga And interred all Canberranters, minus service, sob or stone - All nefarious State-Frighters! Yassinine old nation-blighters! Nay; I'd lug a Mugga-fighter there and plant him on my own!

The Bulletin, 15 July 1909, p20

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002