Works in the Bulletin 1906

Reid Murphy, the astonishing Victorian PM., Declined the other day to give a girl more than 5s. a week for the support of her illegal infant, as "the making of a larger order might only act as an inducement to other girls to become lax in their morals":-

Discerning Mr. Murphy sees
   The dangers of the foolish plan
Of giving frailty its fees,
   And taxing weak, misguided man.
Reluctantly, and red with shame,
   He tells of girls depraved, who may
Take up the old, maternal game
   On business lines, and make it pay,
If only foolish magistrates
Will give them rather higher rates.

An extra bob or two a head Will shatter virtue's final guard; The tax on bachelors would spread A baby farm in every yard. To populate our empty lands Bring black or brown across the seas From Hindu, Jap, or coral strands, But lighten not the penalties For bearing babes. Such clemence vile Might make it worth a woman's while.

The Bulletin, 12 July 1906, p13

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