Works in the Bulletin 1906

"I served with the Vic. Contingent in South Africa, and have my name sculptured on the monument in Sydney Road." - Plea of contingenter in Melb. City Court when P.M. Panton added another 12 months to his list of convictions.

Some are gone to gaol - we've missed 'em,
   Some are going, and we claim
That the finger-printing system,
   Opposite each hero's name
Should be used; then we'd be wary
   When we saw why he was sent 
To confinement solitary -
   Saw it on the monument.

For this scroll of fame of his'll Be a record perfect when To the sculptor's cheerful chisel We have joined the warder's pen. Where the sentimental tear rose New significance is lent In the records of our heroes Graven on the monument.
When the glory's all departed, And that pompous sculpture falls Into gibbers that are carted To be punded into spalls, All the pris'ners, as they fret, 'll Weep upon each load that's sent, As they smash their names to metal - Smash that famous monument.

The Bulletin, 8 March 1906, p10

I'm not exactly sure that this poem is by Dennis. It was first published in The Bulletin with a signature of "C.D.". Ian McLaren, in his pamphlet "C.J. Dennis: A Chronological Checklist of Contributions to Journals", lists it with a question mark. Take it under advisement.

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